Graduate Student Poster Contest

Graduate students currently participating in NASA-supported research are invited to participate in a student poster contest.

To apply: Applicants should indicate that they wish to participate by answering “yes” to the appropriate question on the abstract submission form. The deadline for ALL abstracts (students and non-students) is December 17, 2012. Those who do not answer “yes” to the appropriate question will NOT be considered for the award. More detailed instructions will be provided to applicants in early January.

Criteria for judging include:

Display — (44" × 44") Balance, easy viewing, indicates sequence, succinct, shows visual hierarchy and good quality of writing.

Objective — Objective is clearly and concisely stated, and includes the significance/relevance to the field.

Methods — Methods and statistics are sound and succinctly presented.

Results — Accurate and concise explanations of findings; data properly interpreted.

Conclusions — Interpretation of results appropriate and concise with a “take home” summation message.

Originality — Work is original and not an adaptation of other’s work. Only one or two authors. Application of new technique or approach.

Quality of the Science — Significant impact on the field, innovative and translational science.

Communication Skills — Presenter able to translate the research clearly and effectively to diverse audiences from different fields. Conveys ideas easily.

Knowledge — Well-prepared and shows depth in the field. Answers questions adequately.

Presentation — Professional in dress and speech, good eye contact and tone of voice. Not defensive.

Students must be present at their posters during judging. Times for presentations will be provided at a later date.

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